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"The greatest threat to the life and health of women in Europe between the ages of 16 and 44 is domestic violence: even more so than cancer or automobile accidents."
European Council

This website is aimed at people looking for support and information regarding domestic violence. Domestic violence is a problem of society as a whole, and requires very different and multilevel means of approach in order to break through the cycle of abuse.

“Protection against Violence Act Task Force”
in the City of Münster

Native and foreign women alike are affected by domestic violence. Violence in the families of foreign nationals is also wrong and should not be excused as a cultural difference.

Forms of abuse, such as intimidation, social isolation, as well as psychological, economic, physical and sexual violence also serve to maintain power and control - but, in such cases, foreign women are more easily isolated.

To find answers in your language to questions, such as “Is what I’m experiencing abuse?” and “What can I do to protect myself and my children?” or legal considerations, please visit the website

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the Protection against Violence Act is supplemented by Section 34a of the Police Act. This provision, aimed at helping to protect against domestic violence, authorizes the police to ban a person from a residence and prohibit the individual from returning for up to 10 days. The following principle applies above all: The abuser leaves the residence. The victim stays!

Under the headings “Emergency”, “Protection and Security”, and “Counselling” you’ll find the addresses and telephone numbers of counselling centres and women’s shelters who can provide you with further assistance.

Although this homepage can give you a lot of information, it cannot replace a counselling session. Therefore, the most important thing you can do is to seek counselling!

  • Counselling is free-of-charge.
  • You can remain anonymous if you wish.
  • The counsellors will work together with you to find solutions to your particular situation.
  • You are always the one to make the final decision.

Don’t try to deal with the problem alone!

There are many places to which you can turn and which offer counselling.

Take advantage of the counselling offers, even if your residence permit is dependent upon your marriage.

Under the heading “Information for female foreign nationals” you’ll find details about the right of residence and other topics that could be important to those who have immigrated.

Counselling options for men: victims and abusers.

Say No to violence against women!

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