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Forms of violence

Domestic violence includes many different forms of violence.

This includes:

Physical violence
  • Your partner hits you, kicks you, pushes you.
  • Your partner hurts you by hitting you with objects.
  • Your partner is choking you.
  • Your partner doesn't let you sleep.
  • Your partner doesn't let you eat anything.
  • Etc.
Psychological and social violence
  • Your partner constantly insults you and intimidates you.
  • Your partner constantly controls you and forbids you from meeting friends, girlfriends or relatives.
  • Your partner is blackmailing you with threats of violence. He threatens to harm you or your children.
  • Your partner uses your children as leverage to get you to do what he asks.
  • Your partner treats you like a servant.
  • Your partner calls you crazy and threatens to make sure no one will believe you if you break up with them.
  • Your partner makes you feel guilty about what is happening.
  • Your partner forces you to dress a certain way.
  • Etc.
Sexual/sexualized violence
  • Your partner coerces you into sexual acts through threats, physical violence or by taking advantage of your helpless situation.
  • Your partner forces you to engage in sexual practices that you don't want to do.
  • Your partner rapes you.
  • Your partner forces you into prostitution.
  • Etc.
Economic violence
  • Your partner prohibits you from having your own account/money.
  • Your partner divides the money between you and controls what you buy.
  • Your partner prohibits you from going to work or forces you to do a certain job.
  • Your partner will only give you money if you do what he asks of you.
  • Etc.